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Demonware, Shanghai, China, Sep 2017–Present

Pr. Software Engineer

  • Developing backend service for global game titles like Call of Duty.

Sunway Fund, Shanghai, China, Jul 2016–Aug 2017

Partner, Full-Stack Developer

  • Maintain the IT infrastructure and the software stack: CI/CD, security, monitoring, alerting.
  • Market data retrieval, cleansing and processing from futures exchanges in China using the CTP API.
  • Develop event-driven trading engine for CTA strategies with order/transaction/position management support.
  • Develop web apps for market data visualization and tick by tick backtesting.

Douban Inc., Beijing, China, Jul 2013–May 2016

Sr. Systems Engineer, formerly Back-End Web Developer

Developed and Maintain Distributed Cache Infrastructure

  • Responsible for the distributed cache infra in Douban Inc. Improved it to a low-latency and high-reliability state.
  • Designed and implemented libmc, which is the most lightweight and fastest Memcached client library for Python.
  • Improved the route algorithm of the cache cluster. Scale the cluster, migrate nodes, deploy and upgrade softwares.
  • Improved the monitor and alert of the whole caching facility. Implemented automated tools for SA.
  • Worked together with product engineers to cache friendly and e iciently.
  • Oncall and troubleshooting online systems when in emergency.

Developed Douban FM (

  • Developed Douban FM, mainly focus on perf tuning, audio le management and delivery.
  • Designed and developed Anti-spam strategies on play-counting service for Douban Artist.
  • Developed deduplication service among millions of songs using audio ngerprinting technique.
  • Implemented a recommendation algorithm using content-based audio features, ranking top 5% among all recommendation algorithms (prior weight).

Douban Inc. Beijing, China, Jun 2012–Dec 2012

Back-End Web Developer Intern

  • Extracted a variety of audio features using open-source audio feature extractors, tried to combine them with existed recommendation system for Douban FM.
  • Developed a content-based music classification algorithm for the High / Easy MHz in Douban FM.

Taobao Inc. Hangzhou, China, Jan 2012–Mar 2012

R&D Engineer Intern

  • Developed a web app for BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) visualization.

Open Source Contributions

  • libmc: A Fast and light-weight memcached client for C++, Python and Golang. I’m the principal developer.
  • Yaafe: An audio feature extractor in C++ and Python. I Fixed some Mem leaks and added slicing support.
  • AcousticBrainz: Promoted the cooperation between Douban Inc. and MTG-UPF, and contributed all content-based audio features computed in Douban Inc. to the AcousticBrainz project using my spare time.
  • CVE-2014-9497: A security vulnerability I reported to the mpg123 software.
  • SEE ALSO My GitHub: TA-Lib, DPark, greenify, anyconnect-virtual-router.


  • Knowledge domain: Caching, Network programming, Memory Manangement, Performance analysis.
  • Programming languages: Python, Cython, C++, C, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Bash, LaTeX, Qt.
  • Things I like: Vim, Git, Ansible, CMake, Docker, Packer, Sentry, Memcached, Redis.


Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China, 2009–2013

  • B.Eng. in Software Engineering